Augustine Paragon Medium Tension Carbon Trebles


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With the ever-expanding tonal palette of today’s great guitarists in mind, Augustine presents Paragon.
Available in both medium and high tension, Paragon Flourocarbon treble strings deliver a bright, crisp sound with brilliant projection.
Paired with Augustine Classic Red or Blue basses, Paragon represents a modern fusion that rings out with both timelessness and authenticity.

Paragon Medium Tension Flourocarbon Trebles, medium tension Red basses
E1 0.024″ | 0.61mm
B2 0.027″ | 0.68mm
G3 0.0335″ | 0.85mm
D4 0.0295″ | 0.75mm
A5 0.035″ | 0.89mm
E6 0.0425″ | 1.08mm

Paragon High Tension Flourocarbon Trebles, high tension Red basses
E1 0.025″ | 0.64mm
B2 0.030″ | 0.76mm
G3 0.035″ | 0.89mm
D4 0.029″ | 0.74mm
A5 0.036″ | 0.91mm
E6 0.045″ | 1.14mm

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Dimensions 11 cm


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